Gretchen Carlson: Video Shows Onslaught of ‘Sexist’ Comments Faced by Fox News Host

Her co-hosts subjected her to constant remarks about her appearance on live television

A new video shows a collection of “sexist” remarks and jokes endured by Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News host who is suing the network’s CEO and chairman.

The video, compiled by Bloomberg Politics, shows guests and co-hosts calling Ms Carlson “beautiful” and “hot” on her former daily show called “Fox and Friends”.

They also regularly comment on what she is wearing.

The video has racked up more than 1.3 million views since it was posted on 7 July.

Not on the video is Roger Ailes, CEO and chairman of Fox, the defendant in her lawsuit.

Ms Carlson, who worked at Fox News for 11 years, was downgraded from a prime time to an early afternoon slot in 2013 before her contract was terminated on 23 June, despite receiving “solid and consistent” ratings.

Mr Ailes said in a statement that Ms Carlson’s allegations are false and “convenient” as she filed the suit around the same time she was fired.

Jon Stewart accused Ms Carlson of “dumbing herself down” on television in 2009. She graduated Stanford and Oxford and won a Miss America competition in 1989 by playing a rendition of Sarasota’s “Zigeunerweisen” on the violin.

Despite support from previous employees at Fox News, who spoke to the media anonymously, not everyone is supportive.

“She’s disgruntled she didn’t get her contract renewed and the timing is very suspicious,” Fox host Greta Van Susteren told the New York Times.

“I’ve been here 15 years I haven’t seen it and frankly I’m rather outspoken and I don’t think I’d stick around for it.”

The plaintiff is suing Mr Ailesfor damages for pressuring her into a sexual relationship and terminating her contract for rebuffing his advances.

Mr Ailes, 76, said he will “vigourously defend” his innocence.