Fashion Brand Mango Criticised for Choosing Kendall Jenner to Represent African Inspired Collection

EDITORIAL: I agree that if you’re going to represent a culture and you’re going to sell to that culture, you should respect that culture enough to help them represent themselves. It’s also a way to promote those in the culture who earn it. Kendall Jenner does not embody any of these traits. 

My other comment on this story is they’re all throwing a fit saying Kendall Jenner is only white, when she’s actually white and Armenian. She is two different races so why they always trying to make these issues a white versus black thing. The World is much bigger than if you’re not black, you’re automatically white.

But…the one thing we do know is Kendall Jenner is not African American; that is, unless Kris Jenner has a secret that the rest of the World doesn’t know!

Is that even possible?

Mango have been on the receiving end of criticism for casting the US supermodel

‘Mango should support people whose cultures inspire its collections’

The Spanish fashion brand Mango has been criticised for casting Kendall Jenner as the face of their new African Tribal Spirit collection.

Critics have questioned the decision to use a white model to represent a collection inspired by Africa.

Xavier Tio, the head of the Udutama Association, an organisation that supports minorities in Spain has condemned the move.

“Mango should support people whose cultures inspire its collections. It would be a nice way to return the favour.

“It would have been a wise decision to hire an African model, and the campaign would have had more success in the media,” he said to La Vanguardia newspaper.

Mango have described the Tribal Spirit range, which is due to be released in Barcelona in February as an “ethnic-inspired trend” which features “an abundance of accessories to produce outfits of a tribal and free-spirited influence”.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Mango’s Vice President, Daniel López, confirmed he thought the American supermodel was the most fitting person for the collection.

“We thought that she was the best model to embody this trend.

“And obviously the upside is that, as a model, she’s very professional, she works fantastically. As a celebrity she has huge repercussions in the market and among her followers”.

The reality TV star-turned-model, who has garnered a following of 47.5 million people on Instagram, has also released a statement about being selected for the campaign.

“I am delighted to have been chosen to present the Tribal Spirit part of the collection.

“I love wearing the designs, fabrics and shapes – they really speak of the allure of nature which I know this collection was inspired by”.

But critics have taken to Twitter to express their anger at the decision to select Jenner for a fashion collection focused on African tribal style.




When contacted by The Independent, Mango declined further comment.