American Apparel Posts Full Details of Sexually Explicit messages Ex-CEO Dov Charney Allegedly Sent to Staff

Dov Charney

The Independent by Hazel Sheffield June 24, 2015

American Apparel has released a slew of lurid allegations against its ex-CEO Dov Charney, who quit last year following a string of sexual harassment claims by former employees.

The company filed the documents after Charney brought a defamation lawsuit against the company and its chair.

Court filings alleged that Charney used company equipment to send sexual messages to employees, including one allegedly read: “Daddy is so excited to play with the most little tiny blonde c** kitten in the whole school.”

Another said: “Should I unload my c***k now??? Like a filthy pig?”

Colleen Brown, who chairs American Apparel’s board, alleged that Charney verbally and physically abused employees as well as: “Frequently engaging in inappropriate sexual banter, infantilising women and referring to himself as ‘Daddy’.”

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He reportedly sent messages that linked to pornographic videos and photos. Brown detailed lists of the messages Charney allegedly sent.

Charney’s lawyer, Keith Fink, said in a statement many of the allegations presented by the company were false.

“The company has engaged in an invasion of Mr. Charney’s privacy in a shameful attempt to extort him and gain leverage over him,” Fink said.

Earlier in June, Charney was the subject of a court order that prevented him from making any negative statements about American Apparel to the media.

Charney founded American Apparel in 1998 after borrowing $10,000 from his father. He was replaced by Paula Schneider, a fashion executive, in January.