THE NORM: Teens Say ‘We always Hear Stories of Friends Being Sexually Abused’

Channel 4 on Thursday 30 October 2014 UK

North of England Correspondent

Three teenagers explain to Channel 4 News that sexual exploitation in Manchester is “the norm” and that it’s spoken about openly amongst friends.

Child sexual exploitation has become a “social norm” within some areas of Greater Manchester, according to a report ordered after the Rochdale grooming case.

Ann Coffey MP on Thursday called for exploitation to be “declared a public health priority”.

In her report – Real Voices – Ms Coffey said explicit music videos, sexting and selfies could be “fuelling the increased sexualisation of children”.

‘Social norm’

Speaking to teenagers in Manchester, Channel 4 News found that the young people were aware child sexual exploitation was going on.

Michael Oni, 16, said: “I know a lot of people that have been sexually exploited… but there’s not much we can really do.”

Michelle Jesse, 17, added: “It shouldn’t be normal but in the society that we live [in] today, especially behind closed doors… it’s like our friends, in our generation, it’s like, you always hear this.”

Kyiaus Croft, 16, also added: “It seems like it is [normal behaviour] because so many people are going through it… but it’s not actually a good thing to do. ”