#95 – POST CEREAL: Hyper- Sexualizing Your 80 Yr Old Grandma – I’ll Be Eating Kellogg’s, Thank You Very Much



EDITORIAL: My mother just turned 83. She don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go there. You shouldn’t want your mom or grandma OR GREAT GRANDMA going there either. Post cereal is promoting a genre of porn called “Granny Porn”. God made our sex drives decrease as we get older for a reason. At some point, men are expected to grow up and think about something besides sex.

This commercial personifies hyper-sexualizing women until the day they die. I, for one, am SO MUCH MORE than a living sexual object. How about YOU??

And while Kellogg was founded by a religious man and supported by his Christian community, Post’s history was quite different, it seems. We also only need look to the ownership of Post cereals over the past several years and today. We find tobacco company, Phillip Morris, is owner and even more interesting is the merger of Post cereals with their Kraft division. As we all know, tobacco companies have manipulated our free market as long as they’ve been around and Kraft was the target of a massive boycott last year thanks to their morally corrupt marketing campaign called the “Zesty Man“.

Seems their marketing firm didn’t learn a thing and neither did Phillip Morris since they’re still promoting smut instead of their product. Seems we’re going to have to go deeper on boycotting ALL Phillip Morris products!

I’m buying Kellogg. Kellogg sends the RIGHT kind of family message. That’s called creative artistry: