#92 – Axe Objectification Of Women Continues

I guess you have to tip your cap to them for their unswayed strategy.

posted on August 10, 2013 at 1:09pm EDT

The UK

Print ad that ran during the last World Cup, in 2010.

It took Unilever brand Axe/Lynx only four years after launching in the U.S. to outsell, at the time, the next three men’s fragrances combined (Old Spice, Stetson, and Drakkar Noir).

And from the get-go, their subtle-as-an-axe ad message has been:

Boys, apply Axe to your bods and beautiful women will instantly want to suck and f**k the life out of you.

Of course, the Axe marketing folk will tell you that ‘it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not serious, girls are in the joke, etc.’

Sure sure. “Spray more, get more” (as close to a universal tagline that the brand has) doesn’t promise a thing.

But somehow, Unilever convinced an entire generation of alpha males that spraying their bodies with perfume is manly.

Axe’s ad work is, really, the only reason why Old Spice’s ads became as zany as they are.

Now, a review of the sleaziest, stupidest, most sexist Axe/Lynx ads of the last six years. leading up to a new spot that continues the exact same strategy.