#86 – This AMERICAN APPAREL Mannequin Says “Bend Over and Take It” to Girls and Women Everywhere

EDITORIAL: Anyone else notice the strong connection between media and advertising’s obsession with big butts (think Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous  rump constantly promoted as attractive across media channels while Michelle Obama fights obesity in our youth who are being told bigger is best for catching a guy) and Porn Valley’s current policy of bending over and taking every single young, new performer by anal/gang bang sex?

They’ve even been promoting anal sex as ‘not being real sex’ and ‘can still be a virgin’ as valid reasons for having anal sex so middle and high school children are having unprotected anal sex in alarming numbers. Anal sex is the most dangerous form of sexual activity you can have and no one is teaching facts and responsibility to these kids. Thank Bill Clinton for teens thinking they can actually believe and trust that theory. I mean, if the president of the United States says it’s not sex unless you stick it in a vagina, isn’t that like the ultimate validation?? NOT!! Republicans may be confused about rape facts but Democrats are completely clueless about what constitutes actual sex and their ‘No Rules’ abortion stance shows they also have no idea on how to prevent getting pregnant either!!

The emphasis growing over the past few years on taking girls and women anally is to promote a form of degradation and control over all females. Taking someone in every orifice and in every capacity is their mark of ownership. They want to possess every part of your body, mind and soul!

That and to recruit men into gay and bi-sexual lifestyles. Remember, to these hardcore porn and sex addicts, it’s not about who you stick it into but how many ways you can stick it to them. Them being anyone they can trick and groom into becoming their sex slaves, of course!