Message From My Daughter: ‘Naughty Bear’ Video Game Teaches Kids Revenge Violence and We Need to Go ‘Back’

This one’s from my daughter. I thought it would be a nice gift to see she’s doing well and has her head on straight. She’s my daughter. Why would it be any other way 😉

She came to visit recently, surprising me by being at the house when I got home from work. As we were hanging out and catching up on each others lives, she remembered she wanted to show me the above video, a game for kids called “Naughty Bear”.

She recently was at a friend’s house when their kids, 2 boys 8 and 10 years old from a solid middle class family, sat down in the living room and began playing this game. As she watched, she couldn’t believe what she was watching these two young boys playing. Everyone was laughing and joking about the game. What you’ll see in the above video is a demonstration of all the ways to kill your enemy of which there are dozens.

Now that gets into an even more disconcerting issue with this game. The storyline is about young teddy bears who go to school and hang out around town. The character whose turn it is has been left out of a birthday party invitation. He tries to go anyway and takes a present but gets mocked by the other teddy bears so he leaves upset and angry. The game begins once he decides to get revenge. Yes, I’m talking revenge. From here, PARENTS, watch this video of what appears at first glance an innocent teddy bear game. Watch the ending where the bullied teddy bear decides to take revenge on the whole town and blows them ALL UP!!

My daughter said I needed to tell parents about this and make people realize this causes kids who are bullied to think it’s fun and okay to strike back and hurt people!

That’s my girl 🙂

Next, for enjoyment purposes only, she also had me listen to this new tune. She likes the song and also thought it was cool and different that they put country and rap together. We should all take a step back in time. It is possible to reverse the trends!

Happy Easter and God Bless!!